Private Classes

I teach private and public classes, one-on-one or for large parties.

I offer a variety of private classes for you and your friends to enjoy. All are approximately 1 and 1/2 hours, can be taught in any open space such as a living room with furniture pushed out of the way or a large open den. I can travel to the greater Tampa area and Orlando for a minimal travel fee; farther Florida locations may require a larger travel expense but I am always willing to barter :-)
~Classes can be combined for a reduced rate; for example you can combine a Pastie Party with Glove Tricks at only $55 per person.
~Classes have a 5 person minimum and there may be a travel charge depending on the location. At least 2 weeks notice is needed for each class.
~Rates are reduced if you are providing your own supplies.
~Ladies need to simply wear comfortable clothing that they can move freely in(yoga attire, t-shirt and running shorts, etc). ‘Burlesque’ clothing is not needed :-) and heels are optional.


glove tricks and burlesque basics
Learn how to peel and seduce using simple satin, elbow length gloves. How do you take the glove off? What to do with it once you reveal your naked arm? In conjunction with this you will learn the basics of the bump and grind as well as burlesque etiquette. Students need only wear comfortable clothes to move in and be ready to have fun. Gloves are provided for each student to keep. $35 per lady

burlesque striptease
Learn a short, fully choreographed routine to a modern song that is meant to be performed for a loved one. Learn how to take off a large dress shirt or coat slowly and seductively to tease the one watching. You will learn the tradition moves of burlesque in a more contemporary setting. This class is perfect for bachelorette parties and girl’s night out events. Only $25 per lady. Women will need to bring a large, long sleeve dress shirt or loose coat.

boa-licious burlesque!
Ladies will learn how to control and titilate using the simple, yet effective, feather boa. Drape the soft feathers over your body and instantly captivate your audience. Women will also learn all the burlesque basics such as the bump and grind, etiquette, and proper care of your boa to keep it looking lux and lush after countless uses. A basic 60-80 gram feather boa is given to each student to keep. $30 per lady

pastie parties
Do you love to craft? Want to have some fun with your girlfriends, drink some wine, relax, and get crazy with glue and rhinestones? If that sounds like a good time then you should host a Pastie Party! Knitting is out and Twirling is in as you will learn to make basic pasties covered in rhinestones or glitter with an optional tassel attached in the middle. After the crafting session you will learn to shake, shimmy, bump and grind finished with a lesson in twirling your tassels! Even if you don’t wish to twirl this is a fun event that your girlfriends will never forget! All supplies is provided. $30 per lady

burlesque boot camp(condensed)
I also offer a condensed version of my Burlesque Boot Camp for you and your friends to enjoy in your own home. This is a 3 hour class, with breaks scattered through out, that will cover boa work, glove tricks, burlesque basics, costuming and pasties basics. At the end of the course you would learn a very short choreographed routine, giving you a primer on how to construct a number of your own. By the end of the class you will have the foundation and confidence to perform anything! There is a month advance notice needed and only a minimum of 3 girls. It is only $80 a person.


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